Collection: Professional Teeth Whitening Series

Teeth Whitening Efftect:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Major Formulation:  2 Options,  Fast Whitening Formula Hydrogen Peroxide for Non-senstive Teeth & Enemal Safe Formula PAP+ for Senstive Teeth, Choose Per your Previous practice. 

Active Principle: Hydrogen Peroxide applies Chemical Bleaching which targets both surfificial and embedded stains (stains embedded in thetooth enamel), so it's the most common and effective method of teeth whitening, while PAP+ ultilize Physical Removal which targets surfificial staining (surface level daily stains) through an abrasive method of action, safe for sensitive teeth

Use Frequency:10-20 mins per day for 1 weeks consecutively. Twice per week after one week to maintain

Not Applicable to: Age under 12 year old & pregnant women